Ka – Descendants of Cain Album Review

Ka - Descendants of Cain Album Review

Ka – Descendants of Cain Album Review

Ka – Descendants of Cain Album Review

Hello, Its time for a review of the new album Ka – Descendants of Cain 

This is a new album from Brownsville rapper Ka

furthermore, this is his fifth full length record today under his own name

Ka is no new stranger to collaborating with a number of other artists

He dropped previous records in 2018 which are highly recommended

If you happen to be new to Ka’s music you should check out his previous works

Its hard to go wrong with his records because he is easily one of the most consistent artists in the under ground

This being due to his quality over quantity approach in his songs and his smokey understated voice

Although many say he has a quiet voice and you can hear a pin drop in his songs

Ka is still a creative enigma, however this leads to a certain level of predictability as he tends not to vary too far from his own sound

At the very least I did go into this album expecting to hear subtle and dramatic instrumentals

Also given the tittle of this album it wont be unexpected to get a biblical angle to the songs in it

Here are some of the songs from Ka – Descendants of Cain Album;

  • Patron Saints
  • Brothers Keeper
  • Pray
  • Eye of a needle
  • Unto the dust

Going into this most people would start to wonder if the album is going to be on the level of Greek mythology

Digging more deeply into Descendants of Cain though we can find that this was not quite Cohesive, with a vast majority of these tracks having christian mythos

Ka’s always steady pen is always dropping lustrous lyrical Gems

The albums opening bars have so really good lines all of which are delivered at a very slow pace, with a lot of emphasis on every word

Much of his lines add up into a grim focused topics on individual tracks like “Unto the dust” where Ka talks about people around him not always dying of natural causes

Saying the passing away death in his world is usually violent and tragic

The instrumental composition of the songs is also a bit underwhelming mainly because it circles around themes such as paranoia

The album depicts the angle of the story of Cain and Abel being worked in the background

It can be said that though this project does have one of the better endings of an column so far

The song “I love Cadiz” is best poetically attributed to some of the more positive influences in his life

Even though it doesn’t necessarily fit very well with the biblical themes of the rest of the record

It’s really refreshing to hear him rapping about something that is so uplifting inspiring and overall more heart whelming.

overall the album had a lot of highlights however I certainly wouldn’t tell a Ka fan not to listen to it

Even as a newbie I think this project serves as a decent introduction to what exactly he does and what make’s his songs so special

Chances are in the long run you could find yourself going back to listen to more of his songs


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